The Jug & Bottle is your dream “treat shop” with a deli full of goodies, fresh bread, cakes, ready-made sandwiches as well as a vast array of gins, beers, ciders, wines & spirits.

Now also stocking household goods and a very well stock fruit & veg room.

There are a few changes to the business but for the better.  Whilst working in LockDown, I certainly had many hours to think about the business and make changes. However, the business needs to be sustainable, serve the local community and diversify. And to be frank, a kick up the backside like this was maybe what I needed to really think and make the business work better.

So you’ll now find many grocery lines in-store as well as cleaning & hygiene products. There are wider ranges of fresh goods, dairy and frozen as well a fantastic fresh fruit & veg room. The sacrifice had to be the cafe area in the centre of the shop. This will not be returning, however, when social distancing ceases the tables outside can be used.

We are are so excited to be able to offer some of our items online. For right now, you can order one of our boxes or hampers for pickup. Usually ready within 24 to 48 hours.

The Jug & Bottle is STILL full of treats, unusual goods and lovely giftware

Our current trading situation is this:

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5.30pm

Sandwiches will be available, however, there is a limited menu and will be pre-made up for speed.

Payment will be by card machine only. Contactless up to £45 and Chip and Pin for over. Even if you have given your payment details to me for weekly orders, for shop sales I need you to pay by card please for ease and speed. If you would like to create a weekly order or want to see our current list, please click here.

The machine will be wiped down and hand sanitiser will be available inside and outside the shop for entering and exiting

We very much look forward to seeing you soon


Louise Smith

Owner, The Jug & Bottle. Est. 2002.