Here is the list of groceries available for Collection orders which are still continuing


Woven Face Mask £1.00

Woven Face Mask:

Three-ply non-woven disposable face masks which cover the nose and mouth to minimise cross-infection.

These masks are made from three-ply, spun-bonded polypropylene non-woven fabric with a plastic-coated strip above the nose for optimum fit, and have elasticated ear loops.

NHS-Tested Face Shields

For extra protection at work we have face shields available. Designed and tested in partnership with the NHS, and manufactured by Numatic, these lightweight shields include:

  • A wide visor for lateral protection
  • Full-width browguard
  • 180 degree field of vision
  • Fully adjustable twin-strap design to fit any shape head

The shields are reusable and can be washed and sterilised in temperatures up to 100 degrees


*These are at cost + VAT + 50p to cover card charges. No profit is being made from these.

They are cheaper on Amazon but you buy in 50’s or will receive in July.

Please pop on email order and I will let you know when in


Anna’s Happy Trotters


Pork 6 sausages £8.05kg average pack £3.78, prices will vary as weight of sausages do

Pork & Caramelised Onion £3.60

Porkshire Terrier (with Ale) £3.60

Great Yorkshire (herbie) £3.60

Bacon: approx 250g per packet

Unsmoked back bacon £1.20 per 100g

Smoked bacon £1.40 per 100g

Black Treacle £1.40 per 100g

Gammon and ribs are also now available

Fullers from Goole

Individual Cherry Bakewell Tart £1.75

800g sliced White £2.40

800g sliced Wholemeal £2.40

400g sliced White £1.75

400g slice Wholemeal £1.75

Artisan rolls, small, 6 pack £2.50

Large, white, floured rolls, 4 pack £2.40

Large, wholemeal rolls, 4 pack £2.40

Packet of 4 Teacakes £2.40


Field Farm Eggs from South Newbald

Half a dozen £1.85


Laveracks from Holme Upon Spalding Moor

Sausage roll £1.20

Jumbo Sausage roll with onion £2

Jumbo Sausade roll with cranberry £2

Pork pie for 1 £2.00

Pasty £2.50

Chicken & Ham pie, small £2.95

Steak pie, small £2.95

Large steak pie £5.95

Chicken & Ham pie, large £5.50

Cheese & Onion quiche £3.95

Tomato and Ham quiche £3.95

Scotch Egg £1.90

Family Cottage pie £4.95

Frozen pies, please ask what’s available (these are frozen day after delivery and still have 3 days on them once defrosted)

Bluebird Bakery from Malton

Cheese Straws £2.00

Savoury Danish £3.50; bread swirled with pesto, olives, cheese, peppers

7 Seed Sour £3.30

White Sour £2.80

Wholemeal Sour £2.80

Granary £2.80

Bloomer £2.80

Tinned wholemeal, small £2.80

Sour dough baguette £2.20

Large white sour £4.50

Large wholemeal sour £4.50

*Earl Grey Tea Cake 85p each

Ciabatta roll 95p each

“5 spice” roll £2.50 each

Spicy spinach & chickpea roll £2.50

*Focaccia with pepper & olive OR mushrooms , jalapeno & red onion £3.50

*To order, 5 days in advance

Heslington from Riccall,

Prices are changing daily. This is an example from 29.05.20 All Class I

5Kg Spuds £2.99 Gala apples £2.33 Kg
Baking spuds 45p each Granny Smiths £2.22Kg
New potatoes £1.24 Kg Braeburn £2.50Kg
Sweet potato £2.28Kg Pink Ladies £3.79Kg
Onions, large £1.90Kg Pear £2.15Kg
Red onions £1.50Kg Banana £1.59Kg
Spring onions, bunch 85p bunch Grapes £4.81Kg
Broccoli £4.23Kg Avocado £1.29 each
Cauliflower £2.20 each Melon £2.28 each
Cabbage white £2.15 each Kiwi 42p each
Cabbage, Savoy £2.28 each Pineapple £2.86Kg
Carrots £1.03 Kg Satsuma £2.86Kg
Parsnips £2.59Kg Orange £1.91Kg
Swede £1.24 each Lemon 55p each
Squash £1.50Kg Lime 29p each
Aubergine £2.16 each Strawberry £8.45 Kg
Courgette £1.50 each Raspberry £2.58 pack
Leeks £2.33Kg Blueberries £2.28 pack
Green Beans £1.37 pack Radish 85p pack
Mushrooms £3.87Kg Grapefruit 85p each
Spinach £1.43 pack Little Gem pack £1.50 for 2
Iceberg £1.04 each Red Cabbage £2.15 each
Salad Bag (half 250g) £2.98 Asparagus £3.12
Tomatoes £1.72Kg Mango £1.24 each
Cherry Tomatoes £1.04 pack Plums £3.90Kg
Pepper £3.63Kg On the vine tomatoes £2.54Kg
Cucumber 78p each Fennel bulb £1.24
Chilli, red 33p each Peaches 85p each
Celery £1.50 each Watermelon £5.00
Ginger £5.53Kg Beef Tomatoes £1.03 each
Garlic 59p bulb
Beetroot £1 pack



Wold Gold 500ml £2.80

Wold Top Bitter 500ml £2.50

Wold Top Scarborough Fair 500ml £2.95

Wold Top’s Headland Red 500ml 4.3% £2.70

Wold Top’s Marmalade Porter 500ml 5% £2.80

Wold Top’s Against the Grain 500ml 4.5% £2.70 (Gluten free)

Wold Top’s Wolds Way 500ml 4% £2.80

Wold Top’s NEW 330ml Swell 12% £5.95

Timothy Taylors Landlord 500ml 4.1% £2.90

Raven Hill Ridge Way Oatmeal Stout 5.5% 330ml £2.95

San Miguel 660ml £2.95

San Miguel 0% 4x330ml £3.99

Singha 630ml £2.99

Craft Cans:

There are a vast array of IPA’s and other beers (predominantly IPA’s)


Please suggest grape, country or price range and we will pick a wonderful selection

A few suggestions are:

Roo’s from South Africa; £6.95, Chenin Blanc 12.5%, Sauvignon 13%, Shiraz 13.5%, Merlot 13.5%, Pinotage 13.5%

Tulbagh Chenin Blanc 12% £9.75

Matinal from Chile: £7.50 Sauvignon 12.5%, Merlot 13%

House wines: £8.20; Oz Chardonnay or Shiraz, French blended; red 13.5% or white 11%

New Zealand sauvignons: Southern Lights 12.5% £9.60, Tarinig 12.5% £9.95, Esk Valley 13.5% £11.20

Argentinian Malbec’s: Inacayal 12% £9.70, Finca del Alta 13% £8.50

Spanish Riojas: Vina Palaciega 13,5% £9.95, Eguren Ugarte 13.5% £12.95

Fizz: Prosecco di Maria 11% £10.95



Variety of craft, state Dry, medium, sweet, prices vary


Gins & Spirits

Yes. Artisan gins and spirits

Gordons 70cl £17.95

Tanqueray 70cl £23.95

Spicy Peaky Blinders 70cl £27.95

Sing Gin £37.95

Betty’s 70cl £42, Citrus


Fever Tree 500ml £1.95; Indian Tonic, Light, Med, Aromatic, Elderflower

Fentimans 500ml £2.50; Connoisseurs, Premium


Tea & Coffee:

Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate 300g £2.50

Lichfields Fairtrade Decaf Tea 40g 20 Tea Bags £2.20

Kenco Decaf 100g £3.79

Roastworks Colombia beans 200g £5.75

Douwe Egberts Instant coffee 95g £3.89

Yorkshire Tea Bags 80 £3.95

Paddy & Scott Wakey Wakey ground coffee £4.95

Forth Coffee Colombian Antioquia 250g £5.50 (#3)

Littles Jar Irish Cream Instant coffee 50g £3.25

Taylors Tea Organic Chamomile £2.75

Pukka Night Time £3.50

Pukka Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey £3.50

Guppys Treat Hot Chocolate Stirrers; Dark, Milk, White, Milk Orange £2.50


Crisps & Snacks:

Burts 150g Lightly Sea Salted £2.95

Burts 150g Mature Cheddar £2.95

Burts 150g Salt & Vinegar £2.95

Burts 150g Thai Chilli £2.95

Chilli Puffs £3.50

Sesame coated Peanuts £3.50

Habas Picante £3.50

Cottage Delight mini bread sticks tomato & basil £3.95

Cottage Delight mini bread sticks garlic & parsley £3.95

Hiders Roasted & Salted Cashews 150g £1.85

Hiders Roasted & Salted Peanuts 120g £1.10

Hiders Mixed fruit & Nut 400g £4.75

Hider 45g Walnut halves £1.10

Hider 60g Cashews, plain £1.30

Hider Pitted Dates 250g £1.10

Manomasa Chipotle & Lime Tortilla 160g £2.50

Brown Bag Rosemary & Sea Salt 150g £2.50

Brown Bag Beetroot, Carrol & Parsnip crisps 120g £2.85

Eat Real Hummus Crisps Sea Salt 135g £2.20

Eat Real Hummus Crisps Sour Cream & Chive 135g £2.20


Prosciutto di Parma 120g £3.99

Smoked Salmon 125g £4.45

Green olives stuffed with garlic £2.30 per 100g

(All other deli items on hold)

200g tubs of pate forom Country Victualler £5.95; Chicken Liver with Brandy or Smoked Salmon. These will be fresh, sometimes frozen.

Ham 600g, £7.95 (freezes well)

Coleslaw 250g 79p

Houmous 170g £1.30

Frozen roasted chicken breast £1.25 each

Sliced Chorizo 70g £1.35

Sliced Salami 90g £1.45

Frozen Jacket spuds 65p

Chorizo sausage 225g £3.10




Black Bomber (mature cheddar) £2.55 100g

Butlers Secret (mild Cheddar) £1.30 100g

Skegness Blue £2.40 per 100g

Wensleydale Caramelised Onion Cheddar £1.80 per 100g

Prepacks e. = approx

Wookey Hole (mature cheddar) e.200g £1.85 100g

Catherdral City PM £2.89 200g

Philadelphia soft cheese 180g £1.99

Philadelphia LIGHT soft cheese 180g £1.99

Yorkshire Blue 180g £3.99

Harrogate Blue 180g £3.99

Red Leicester e.220g 90p per 100g

Cheshire e.220g £1.20 per 100g

Wensleydale e.200g £1.05 per 100g

Fountains Gold e.160g portions £2.10 per 100g

Applewood Smoked cheddar e. 200g £2.10 per 100g

Parmesan wedge 150g £4.30

Gouda e. 170g £1.29 per 100g

Wookey Hole Goats Cheese e.200g £2.25 per 100g


Bakewell tart for 1 £1.75

Peppermint Crunch £2.25

Salted Caramel Millionaire shortbread £2.75

Salted Caramel Brownie £2.75

Scallywags £2.25 (like a fruit and nut scone mix)

Vanilla Slice £2 (fresh on Tuesday and Friday)

Chocolate Tiffin £1.50 slice

Paradise Flapjack; chewy oat bar with desiccated coconut with juicy cherries and sultanas

Pear franzipan, Rhubarb franzipan, Treacle tarts, Lemon Meringue Pie, Cornflake tart £3.25



Giant Meringues 70g £; Passion Fruit, Chocolate, Raspberry & White chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon £2.10

Boxed Mini Rainbow Fruit Meringue drops: 100g £2.70

Bothams Yorkshire Brack £2.95

Bothams Yorkshire Ginger Brack £2.95



Lotus Biscoff 250g £1.40

8 Cherry & Sultana Scones £1.50

Borders Viennese Whirls 150g £1.80

Borders Dark Chocolate Gingers 150g £2.50

Border Buttery Sultana biscuits 135g £1.75

Bothams Ginger Shah £2.00

Island Bakery Lemon Melts with white chocolate £3.95

Island Bakery Lime Melts with dark chocolate £3.95

McVities milk chocolate digestives £1.65


Dry Goods:

Mixed Herbs 15g £1

Hot Chilli Powder 39g £1

Paxo stuffing sage & onion 170g £1.50

Whitworths Ground Almonds 150g £2.75

Ritz 200g£1.39

Kellogs 550g Cornflakes £2.99

Weetabix 24 £2.99

Kellogs Fruit & Fibre 700g £2.99

Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 500G £2.99

Scotts Porage Oats 500g £1.25

Hider Golden Raisins 250g £1.85

Dr Oekter Baking Powder £1.75

Hider Raisins 250g £1.40

Hider Sultana 250g £1.40

Banetti Spaghetti 500g 79p

Pasta £2.00 500g; Penne, shells or Cavatelli

Uncle Ben’s Long Grain Rice 250g £1.95

Uncle Ben’s Egg Fried Rice 250 £1.95

Garofalo Corn, Brown Rice, Quinoa Penne Rigate 400g, £2.95

Hider 500g Basmatic Rice £1.95

C&B Flour, 1.5kg £3.19; Plain, Self-Raising, Strong, wholemeal

C&B Malted Bread flour (like Granary) 1.5kg £3.89

00 Flour 1.5kg £2.75

Coarse Semolina 1.5Kg £3.40

Fresh yeast (now frozen) 50g lumps 60p

Tate & Lyle 500g Granulated Sugar 69p

Tate & Lyle 1Kg Granulated Sugar £1

Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar 500g £1.10

Tate & Lyle 2Kg Caster Sugar £3.95

OXO Cubes 71g £1.49 Beef, Chicken, Vegetable


Chocolates & Sweets:

Guppy’s 90g Bars £2.85; White, Milk, Dark Milk 55% and Dark 70%

100g Sugar-Free Milk, Sugar-Free £2.85, Ruby chocolate £3.50

Kit Kats 4 fingers, milk 65p

Posh Pick n’ Mix; £4.50 per 100g from our luxury chocolate cabinet. Please state how many chocolates or price you’d like to buy and I’ll choose a selection for you. Cannot guarantee no traces of nuts. Can leave out chocolates with nuts.

RJ’s Licorice bags 300g £4.20; black or raspberry

RJ’s Allsorts 280g £4.60


Household Items:

Flash All Purpose spray 469ml £1.59

Daz Pods 3 in 1 12 £2.49

Comfort Fabric Conditioner 750ml £1.99

Happy Shopper Beeswax Polish 89p

HS 60 Sandwich Bags £1.25

10 All purpose cloths £1.10

Bleach, Happy Shopper Citrus 50p

Greaseproof paper 10m, 380mm £2.15

6 1st Class stamps £4.56

12 2nd Class stamps £7.80

Dettol Anti Bac Wipes 126 £7.20

Dove soap bar 100g 90p

Tin Foil 7.5m 300mm £1.29

Cling Film 20m 350mm £1.19

Colgate Advance whitening toothpaste 50ml PM £1

Johnsons Baby Shampoo 300ml £2.40

Total Insect Killer 300ml, spray £3.40

Tissues, Kleenex Cube £1.69

A4 Printer paper, Xerox 500 sheets £4

SO Hygienic Bactericidal Hand Soap (pump dispenser) 450ml £3.70

Drain and Sink Unblocker CleanPro 1L £8.99

Bin Bags £1.25

Cottonwool pads 90p

Fairy Liquid 433ml £1.29

Dettol 1L Clean & Fresh Multipurpose £4.85

Dettol 750ml Surface Cleaner Anti Bac Spray £3.75

Toilet Roll Cushelle 9 rolls £4.95

Kitchen Roll; Mammoth 4 rolls £2.65, Jumbo 1 roll £1

Logs £5.50 Kindling £5.00

2kg Lumpwood Charcoal bags, Instant Light £5.75 (Currently out of stock)

5kg Fuel Express lumpwood charcoal £9.75

Disposable BBQ £4

1L Lighter Fluid £4

Firelighters, 15 pack £1

Cooks Matches £1.10



Calpol 2 month+ Strawberry 100ml £4.25

Immodium Original 6 capsules £3.79

Sudafed Max Congestion & Headache 16 tablets £4.70

Dental Floss £2.50

Lemsip Max Strength 5 £3.99

Rennie Peppermint 24pk £2.45

Savlon 30g £1.79

Cotton Buds 100 £1.29

Wisdom toothbrush, medium £1

Listerine Cool Mint 250ml £2.79

Carex Antibac handwash 250ml £1.79

Baby Dream Wipes 72 £1

Plasters, 20 assorted £1

Paracetomol £1.69 500ml caplets

Tampax Pearl Compax Regular 8 £1.25

Galphram One-A-Day Hayfever tablets, 14 tablets £1.99

Anti Bac Hand Gel 50ml £3

Nurofen 200ml Tablets £2.50

Alka Seltzer original 10 tablet £2.99


Condiments, Oils, etc

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce 190ml £1.80

Napolina Tomato Puree 142g £1.25

Sarson Malt Vinegar 250ml £1.15

Colemans Mustard 100g £1.55

Colemans Horseradish 136g £1.19

Bisto Gravy Granules 170g £1.69

Vanilla Extract 100ml £7.30

Tahini Paste 280g £3.20

Heinz Vegetable Soup 400g £1.09

Jacob’s Chedar biscuits 150g £1.39

Flora Sunflower Oil 1L £2.60

Dove’s free from gluten Bi Carbonate of Soda 200g £1.65

Dr Oetker Gelatine sachets £1.95

250g Brovil £3.75

Milk Choc Chips 100g £2

Heinz Baked Beans 415g 99p

Goldfry Cornflour 250g £1.10

6 les Brioche rolls with choc chips £1.50

Batchelors Condensed cream of Chicken soup 295g £1.29

Princes Pear halves in juice 227g £1.19

Princes Peach slices in juice 225g £1.19

Princes Pineapple slices in juice 227g 85p

Old El Paso Fajita Kit £2.99

East End Kidney Beans 400g 70o

East End Chick Peas 400g 70p

HS Mushy Peas 50p

Sunpat Peanut Butter, crunchy 300g £2.29

Gales Lemon Curd 410g £1.85

Table Salt 750g £1.25

Lichfields Sea Salt 385g £4.89

Lichfields Black Peppercorns 200g £4.89

Bonne Maman Strawberry Jam 370g £2.90

Rowse Honey 340g £2.99

Filipro Berio Classico 250ml £2.69

Filipro Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml £4.20

Filipro Berio 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml £8.35

Hellmann’s 400g Mayonnaise £2.19

Golden Shred Marmalade 454g £2.20

Heinz Salad Cream 285ml £1.69

Branston Smaller chunk 280g PM £1.49

Mornflake Granola  Raisin & Almond 1Kg £2.65

Mornflake Muesil 1Kg £2.65

Ryvita Dark Rye £1.25

Ryvita Original £1.25

Jacobs The Selection box 300g £3.35

Cullisse Highland Rapeseed oil 500ml £6.50

Maclean’s Oatcakes 150g £1.75

EuroShopper 400g Chopped tinned tomatoes 40p

Ambrosia Custard 400g £1.09

Ambrosia Rice Pudding 400g £1.09

les Brioches 6 Croissants £1.75

HP Sauce 255g £1.45

Dolmio Onion & Garlic Bolognese Sauce 500g £1.89

Lyle’s Golden Syrup 454g £1.65

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 342g PM £1.65

HappyShopper 1L Sunflower Oil PM £1.89

Filippo Berio 250ml Balsamic Vinegar £2.99

Mission Wraps, 8 £2.15

Previns Tikka Masala sauce 370g £4.50

Devon Cream Company Clotted Cream 170g £2.95

Odysea 250ml Balsamic Vinegar of Modena £12.95

Odysea 250ml Red Wine Vinegar £2.25

Suzanne’s Dressings great for salads Raspberry, Balsamic & Rosemary 250ml £4.95

Suzanne’s Dressings Lime, Ginger & Mustard seed, great on salads 250ml £4.95

Atkin & Potts 250g Raspberry Coulis £3.60

Atkin & Potts Rosehip Syrup 200g £4.20

Inspired Dining Red Wine Sauce 200g £2.50

Atkin & Potts Turkey Gravy 400g £3.20


Dairy, Non-Dairy, Juices


Ben & Jerry’s 465ml tubs £4.25

Chocolate fudge brownie, Phish Food, Cookie Dough

Longley’s Cottage Cheese 250g £1.29

Elmlea Double Cream 284ml £1.19

Milk 2L Semi or Full-Fat £1.50

OJ with bits 1L £2.00 or 2 for £3.50

Cawston 1L Juices Cloudy Apple, Apple & Elderflower, or Apple & Rhubarb £2.55

Arla Lactose-free Whole, Semi 1L £1.50

Alpro Oat, Almond and Coconut 1L £2.10

Alpro Soya unsweetened 1L £1.80


Butter, salted, 250g Muller £1.95 changing to Darley’s 250g £1.95

Unsalted Butter 250g, Muller £1.95

Butter, Salted Carron Lodge 250g £2.10

(Butter is all subject to availability, usually Muller)

Longley’s yoghurts (or Lichfields, stock availability dependent) 150g 53p Longleys, Lichfield 49p

Longley’s Natural yogurt 450g £1.20

Greek Yogurt 1kg £4.50

Lurpak  £2.59

Meadowland Margarine 250g 93p

UHT Semi-Skimmed or Skimmed 1L £1.30


Soft Drinks:

Belvoir Cordial 50cl Elderflower £4.50

Belvoir Cordial 50cl, Raspberry & Lemon £4.50

Robinsons 1L orange squash

Robinsons 1L Apple & Blackcurrant squash

Folkington juices; 250ml £1.85

Mango, Orange

Cawston 330ml can, sparkling £1.30

Rhubarb or Ginger

Fentimans Botanically Brewed, less than 0.5% avb 275ml £1.75

Curiosity Cola, Cherry Cola, Dandelion & Burdock, Ginger Beer or Rose Lemonade.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer 375ml £1.90

Coke or Diet Coke 330ml 85p



Please visit Facebook page for the most up to date info.

Giftware is still available for presents or a cheer up gift to yourself. Candles, cards, plaques, just ask.

There are regular video posts on @TheJugAndBottleBub page on Facebook with virtual tours of the shop. Please look at those too.

I thank you so much for your support. I’m doing this because I want to help people locally and avoid the risks of shopping in large shops. I need to ensure I have a business after this, a roof over the boys and my head and that the girls have a job to come back to. I can’t wait to make it a happy place again #shoplocal #supportindependents #staysafe