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Bakewell stylie

With summer still desperately trying to put in an appearance, here is a fab cocktail in readiness for the sun baked days we can only dream of!

Bakewell Fizz Cocktail


Marinate fresh cherries in Gravino * for 24 hours

Place the marinated cherries in the bottom of a champagne flute

Use 4 teaspoons of the Gravino that marinated the cherries

1 teaspoon on Amaretto

Top up with Prosecco

Garnish the glass by slicing the bottom of a fresh cherry and placing on the rim


* Gravino fruit liqueur, here at The Jug & Bottle we call it “Cherry Bakewell in bottle” as the aroma of the cherries and almonds is so intense!

This is a great after dinner drink in its own right, but mixing this liqueur with Prosecco, I’ve now made it into an ideal cocktail for pre-dinner summer drinks.

Rich and earthy on the nose, with the unmistakeable character of dark cherries and marzipan. An incredibly rich and complex flavour. The initial flavour of sweet cherries gives way to a more spicy character with a touch of dryness from the tannin, which develops into rich marzipan-based flavours which linger throughout the finish.


A really refreshing cocktail – ideal to drink whilst nibbling some Amaretti biscuits alongside!