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Bluebird Bakery Now At The Jug

If you have been in The Jug & Bottle recently then you will have been able to see the wall of fresh bread that now adorns the shop. We have been stocking some delicious fresh breads from Bluebird Bakery (Shambles, York) and they have been a huge hit with our customers.

From focaccia to sourdough, from earl grey tea cakes to caramel shortbreads. There is something for every taste bud.

Delivery happens 3x a week – Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

If you have been in lately, we would love to hear which is your favourite?

They are Yorkshire local with 3 locations including their Malton bakery and shop, York’s famous Shambles and – most recently – a third shop in bold and buzzy Leeds’ Kirkgate Market. We are proud to support Yorkshire local and carry them in The Jug.

To see our full range of bread product, visit our Bread page!