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Christmas Has arrived!!!

Well we’ve done it for another year!

Processed 12 pallets of goods and unpacked 14 other large deliveries to give The Jug & Bottle the festive touch.

Thanks to Jenn and my Mum on Monday we decked out the shop and filled the shelves with lots of goodies. And then in the evening we had many guests come to view and purchase some Christmas presents and treats for themselves.

Ian Barlow from Michael Lees cheesemongers had a very successful evening with some great cheeses, the winner being the black Char Coal cheese people were amazed by.  Philippa from SloeMotion gave out tasters from their collection of liqueurs which were also well received.

Now we turn to our next event of Guppy’s Talk & Chocolate Tasting on Wednesday 12th November, 7.30pm £8 p/p The York Chocolatiers will be here to talk about their business, making chocolate and tasting it.  Please contact the shop for tickets; 01757 289707 or email