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A Christmas MUST HAVE

It’s back
It’s bold
It’s beautiful

It’s also nick named locally, “Bubwith Mothers Ruin”

I’ve ordered twice as much this year as we ALWAYS sell out!  It is the perfect winter holiday staple and the best gift. Priced at  at £22.50

St. George’s Pedro Ximénez

The English Whisky Company was started in 2006. The distillery, named St. George’s. (The first to be built in England for over 120 years).  Some of their single malt whisky is matured in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks that are produced and seasoned with sherry in Spain and then shipped to England. To withstand temperatures differences and prevent the casks from drying out, they are filled with a couple of litres of sherry while being shipped.

The distillery decided it was too nice to be wasted, so they kept the PX aside, added some of their single malt and left it in the casks for a while to settle. The resulting liquid is some kind of double-fortified wine if you like. An interesting idea.

Great served chilled as an aperitif, room temperature with feet up in front of the fire or very indulgently over ice cream.