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Christmas Wreath Making

Owing to our huge success and 2 sell out classes last year, these courses are back again by popular demand.  Sunday’s class is almost full and mainly with those who attended last year and enjoyed themselves so much.  Even my effort that I made went on the shop door and people were quite impressed! (It stood the test of time with the shop front door opening and closing all day long and it never fell apart)!

There are 2 sized wreaths to choose from 12” for £29.95 and 16” at £35.95 (this came from the ladies who are returning this year that wanted bigger wreaths for their doors).

Jill and Cliff will demo how to straw up a ring, green it up and then wire decorations to go on such as cinnamon bundles, bows, pine cones.  I’ll be helping (hindering) and bringing you a hot cuppa to keep your strength up with some cake too!