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Cider revolution AGAIN

Have just received an interesting article regards the predicted growth to both the UK and global market for cider.  That said, don’t forget our FREE tasting on Easter Saturday 10am-1pm outside The Jug & Bottle. Lots more besides cider.

Cider makers predict export boom: Cider drinkers across the world will be enjoying an extra 704 million pints a year by 2018 as interest in the apple tipple explodes – offering massive export opportunities for British  producers. Cider industry bosses made the prediction this week and are now travelling around the world promoting cider. Paul Bartlett, chair of the  National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) was a keynote speaker at a sell-out conference in Chicago recently. He said: “The cider market both at  home and abroad has grown dramatically over the last ten years, and over the next decade we will see another massive increase in the global consumption of cider. This is being fuelled by a number of factors. In some markets – such as the US – consumers are re-discovering cider. There is a growing appreciation from US consumers of cider and recognition that there is an authentic American cider heritage. British producers – such as Aspall, Thatchers and Westons – are driving this cider renaissance forward by investing in this market and expanding the export of their product. In other countries, an increase in the popularity of cider can be put down to the growth of fledgling cider makers, and the investment of UK producers to inform and educate consumers. British cider makers have led the way by
demonstrating the positive impact which innovation and investment can have on the market, and cider makers in other countries are now following suit and grasping that opportunity.” The UK produces half the cider in the world – and experts predict the UK market alone will grow by 119 million pints a year by 2018