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We are now closed on Sundays


Sometimes we have to make tough choices 😔

With bigger brands competing for your attention and with online shopping showing no sign of slowing down, being a successful small, independent business in the UK is a challenge.

A review of the business meant we had to look at running costs versus income and I’m afraid Sundays are no longer viable for us.

We hope you do continue to come in and see us. Small businesses can offer the personal touch. We know your name as well as your ‘usual’. And whether it’s letting you try a little taste of that gin before you buy or letting you off when you’re 20p short (we know you’re good for it, after all), small businesses are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure you have a nice day.

We rely on repeat business. When you buy from a small business you’re not just adding another number to a balance sheet – you’re really making a difference to the person behind the counter, to the future of the business and to their families too.

We hope to see much more of you in 2020. Whether it is at one of our events (Pop up bar/ Gin festival) or when we get fresh deliveries (psst, it’s Friday for the brownies).

See you in Bubwith soon.