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Private Christmas shopping – Exclusive for you!

No one likes a queue! No one likes to stand in the cold, rain, wind, dark! Very few seem to “enjoy” going to the shops these days. This is such a shame as The Jug & Bottle is just the perfect place to get you into the Christmas spirit. Beautifully decorated and absolutely rammed with festive food, drink, giftware and hampers.

So, we’re bringing this offer to you


Book a 30-minute personal slot on

Bring a list of people that you need to buy for

You will have the shop to yourself (or share with 1 other person, if you don’t mind, I will, of course, check with you in advance)

Have a leisurely browse and do some shopping

Festive music on with a glass of vino or mince pies or samples of festive food to try

Talk to you about pre-orders if needed of Christmas veg, cheese boards, hampers

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You won’t have to queue outside in the dark

You won’t have to queue in the rain & wind

You won’t have to queue full stop

You won’t have to dance around a shop full of people and queue to pay



I want to make shopping with us as easy, relaxed and enjoyable….and when you make your shopping list out…do remember to put yourself on it and treat yourself to something!


Email me or message on Facebook and let’s discuss a date


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