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SloeMotion here to tempt you

SloeMotion will be joining us for a FREE tasting at The Jug and Bottle this Saturday.

With such a great range of products from liqueurs to chocolates and chutney, come along see, small and taste the brand!  You’ll not be disappointed.


SLOEmotion is a small family business based in the Howardian Hills to the north-east of York in the megalopolis that is Barton-le-Willows.  The business started back in 2002 on Manor Farm near Malton, where SLOEmotion was born, moving to our bigger and better premises in 2007.

The fruit steeped in gin and sugar and left to mature.  Like good home-made Sloe Gin SLOEmotion’s is a pale, almost rosé colour because nothing else is added. You won’t find any added sloe juice or flavourings – high quality ingredients, time and a bit of nature’s magic are all we need. Taste is what makes their products stand out from the rest.

Respect for the environment also plays a big part in their operation. We use recyclable materials wherever they can, and they recycle what they can – the sloes for the truffles and chutney come from the sloe liqueur making process! The sloes are mostly locally sourced and because sloes can only come from well-managed wildlife-friendly hedges it means only farmers who look after their hedges can supply them. So that’s a win-win.