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Thank YOU for supporting a Yorkshire small business

The Jug & Bottle has been my passion & my baby for 17 years

Everyone thinks “what a bloody great job surrounded by gin, cakes, pies, wine, beer, gifts, candles, cider, spirits” (me too, sometimes)
But to keep that drive and spirit going for 17 years is bloody hard work.
The past 5 years have been tough on many levels, personal and economic.
Along the way, my staff have picked me up and carried me, those current ladies and those past.

I owe everything to my colleagues who keep this shop ship-shape and positive.
You all comment on what great staff I have and I totally agree.
I am blessed with great ladies!!!!!!

Please remember small businesses are there to serve the local community.
Not there to be price competitive with multinationals.
How could we ever be?
We’re all about service; personal, friendly and humorous!
Offer advice and offer free gin samples!

We remember names, your special days, sympathise when you’ve had a shite one, hopefully, cheer you up.

Just wanted to thank YOU for supporting a small independent.

Long may we survive! Please spread the 💖 and spread the word!

Thank you
Louise x